Posted by: docktohome | November 30, 2010

The Fairfield House

The House

Over the Thanksgiving holiday my dad and I endured a very tedious drive from Orange County to Phoenix.  We left on Wednesday to go and visit my grandmother for Thanksgiving.  A few weeks prior our tenant at our rental home in Mesa called me to let me know that there was a water leak in the back yard.  After asking a few questions she explained that there was water squirting up from under a brick path way in the yard.  It wasn’t a big burden for the tenants to water the trees manually so I had them do that until we were able to visit.  We hadn’t been to the house since the tenants moved in so we informed them that we were going to do a walk through during our visit.  When we go into the house we were shocked at what we saw…. The house looked like it had been staged it looked so nice!! It was a very pleasant surprise.

Anyways here are some photos of our visit, and one of our first repairs to the house.  To back up a little my dad had arrived at the house before I did and asked the tenant to run the water and point out the problem, nothing happened… But my dad still thought it was a good idea to pull up the bricks to try to find the problem.

Dad hammering into the mortar to get the bricks out

Under the bricks was a thin layer of concrete

Me “getting my hands dirty” removing the broken concrete

Trying to find the water line…..

After removing the bricks and digging down into the dirt there was no water line in sight.  Before tearing the walk way any further we ran the water one more time to see if there was any evidence of leak….nothing! No leak means no repairs!  It might have been a fluke that the apparent leak no longer existed but either way we could not fix something that didn’t appear broken.  We of course couldn’t leave the pathway torn up so we put everything back in and re-laid the bricks, the pathway looked good as new!

After resetting the bricks….




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