Posted by: docktohome | December 20, 2010

Reality Stars Foreclosure Fortune

I admit I am guilty of enjoying a few useless reality TV shows, although it is quite counterproductive I seem to get trapped for 30 minutes- 1 hour at a time.  A show that has been on for a number of years is Bravos ‘Real Housewives’ series which has had seasons in Orange County, Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, DC, and the latest Beverly Hills.  On the show these housewives lead extravagant lifestyles that include fancy group vacations, events, fashion shows etc…  But are these women really people that the viewers should be idolizing over? NO!  The occurrence of financial troubles has become so frequent among these women that the show should probably be renamed to what some critics have said ‘The Real Broke Housewives’.

From rental evictions to full blown bankruptcy, these housewives have faced it all.  On the OC housewives Jeana Keough, Tamra Barney, Lynn Curtin, and most recently Alexis Bellino have faced housing troubles.  Jeana Keough one of the older members on the OC cast received a Notice of Default on her home sometime in 09, but apparently wasn’t even aware of this until she was notified by a columnist at the OC register.  Jeana supposedly avoided foreclosure by getting a loan modification, but even this is not clear as some sources say that her home has been put up for auction.  Tamra Barney, ‘the OC’s hottest housewife’, after paying a premium for her home before the market took a drop reportedly sold her home in a short sale after being unable to keep up the payments.  One of the newer housewives, Lynn Curtin has recently faced her own housing troubles when her and husband Frank were served with an eviction notice at their rented Laguna Beach home on the latest season.  Turns out this wasn’t the first time the Curtin’s had been evicted nor the most recent eviction noticed which they received at their rented Aliso Viejo home.

The latest housewife to be facing foreclosure is OC’s Alexis Bellino, whose home was reportedly supposed to be sold at auction earlier this month.  Bellino and her husband had thought in August that they had avoided foreclosure through a loan modification, but according to the OC register the bank changed its proposal.  The Atlanta Housewives such as Lisa Hartwell and Sheree Witfield have also faced their share of housing troubles.  Sheree Witfield, the diva of the Atlanta cast, had her home sold as a foreclosure in mid 09.  Lisa Hartwell and former Raiders linebacker husband Ed Hartwell were forced to leave their Georgia mansion after facing foreclosure.  They reportedly bought the home in 2007 for $2.9 million and it was sold as a foreclosure for $1.9 million.

Probably the most publicized financial pitfall of the Housewives is that of Teresa Guidance and her husband from the New Jersey cast who filed for bankruptcy after having a whopping $11 million in debt.  In June there were reports of their home to be foreclosed on but I have not found any more recent news on this matter.  All in all I think the viewers of this series should keep in mind that this life isn’t as lavish as it seems.  If anything the show is encouraging reckless spending for the purpose of upholding a materialistic self image.


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