Posted by: docktohome | January 2, 2011

Why Not Live in a Box?

Roughly a year and a half ago my dad came across an unusual type of building construction, buildings made out of shipping containers.  These structures can be used as office, retail, industrial, or residential space.  If you decide to maintain the look of the containers these structures have a very modern aesthetic.  For those who don’t want to live or work in a place that looks like it belongs on the back of a truck, the containers can easily be made to look like a non-container building and blend in with other housing.  These container homes can be built at a fraction of the cost of normal homes and much quicker.  Container homes and even ‘container cities’ are being built all over the world including the US, Canada, the Netherlands, and London.  The sustainability of this type of construction is also to be noted as the main structure is used from a recycled container and requires very little new materials.  These containers provide a sturdy structure as they were built originally to stand up to all weathering conditions that would be experienced during transport of goods, as well as being able to be stacked up to ten high.  Another aspect that makes container homes appealing is there level of move ability.  Unlike a ‘brick and mortar’ structure these containers can be easily transported to new locations, meaning you could essentially pick up and leave and bring your home with you with relative ease.


  •  Sustainable
  • Affordable
  • Easily Transported
  • Durable
  • Quick Construction
  • Easy Expansion

Here are a few sites where you can learn more.



  1. Hi Diana, thank you very much for this very interesting text. I think that building with containers will be much important during the next years. Incomes and also catastrophes will be an important reason to rethink the way of living.
    All the best to you for 2011.

    • Kosmas I totally agree, thanks for reading!

  2. Hi Diana,

    Thanks for posting about your interest in Shipping Container Homes.

    Firstly I wanted to say congratulations on your site and secondly I thought I would introduce myself.

    I run the oldest and by far the most popular website on How to Build a Shipping Container Home –

    We have been helping people with Container Home education and design resources since 2006.

    We have a range of information ( some is reserved for paid members and some is free for everyone ) that is under constant development and I was hoping you could place us on your blog roll.

    This video is our latest free resource, it just went up yesterday and covers the sometime controversial subject of insulating container homes.

    Thanks for consideration and best wishes for the future of your blog.


    • Thanks for stopping to check out the site, it will only get better from here!

      Of course I will add your site to the blog role as it sounds like it will be very helpful for those interested in the container concept!

  3. this is amazing… this is for sure my future house. thanks for sharing (:

    • Yes!!! Lets design ours together :]

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