Posted by: docktohome | January 22, 2011

Exploring Different Paths

Just like many young people I have faced the constant un-surety of my adult career path.  It seems pretty normal that when choosing a career choice, one can be a little wishy-washy.  When I graduated high school I was relatively sure that I wanted to become a photographer and once in Jr. College I had every intention of pursuing this career.  As I went through the motions of school I started to lose my momentum in pursuing photography, although I still loved it deeply I was worried that it wasn’t a perfect career choice.

Perfect career choice… is there such a thing? I’m not so sure.  It was during my second semester at the local JC that I came across one of Robert Kiyosakis books, Rich Dad Poor Dad.  After reading this book and a few similar ones I felt confident that I wanted to become a real estate investor and be in business for myself.  This was a new idea and a 360 from my present mindset.  I knew this goal would require a lot of internal and external changes. My feelings of excitement and motivation to pursue this new goal was proof to me that I had found something that I really liked.

Since 2008 I have been working towards my goal of becoming a real estate investor.  While working to achieve this I had to change many things about myself and my life.  It feels good to change, and change for the better.  I am so happy with my personal growth so far and I am finally seeing my work pay off.  I continue to be excited about real estate investing and entrepreneurship but I am longing for that creative outlet that photography gave me.

So here is my latest challenge: To come up with a way to turn my love for creativity and art into a profitable business.  Ideally apply these qualities to real estate investing….

Taken with the Nikon D60s, Queen Creek, AZ



  1. …… may be you needed the distance to get back to this preference of creativity and arts. Compliments and go on ! K.

  2. That might just be true, thanks!

  3. Hey Diana! I know I’m a bit late to the party but I wanna ask you something. But first off, I really liked your captured shot and hope to see more of your creative work(as the picture caught my attention, and lead me here.)
    But what I really wanted to know was, how is you goal to become a real estate investor going? And apart from Rich Dad Poor Dad, what other books did you find your inspiration from?

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