Posted by: docktohome | January 26, 2011

Dreams Hung Out to Dry

What causes a person to fall short of their dreams…. Is it fear, a lack of motivation, unpredictable circumstances? It is a combination of these factors as well as a few others including negative conditioning from family or friends, financial issues, poor decision making, procrastination and so on.  What most of us don’t realize is that almost all of these issues begin or end with fear.  This is likely a fear that we are unaware of because our mind has disguised it as something more complex.

The realization that fear is holding you back from accomplishing the things you want in life is the first obstacle to overcome and it is just the beginning.  For me fear commonly reveals itself in the form of procrastination or altogether avoidance.  This is something I have acknowledged but still face on a daily basis, how do I conquer this you might ask? Daily affirmations have helped me significantly.  By writing out my goals for the day, adding, and crossing off list items throughout the day I am able to judge my accomplishments and pitfalls.

I find it unfortunate that many individuals choose to be mediocre.  This is a choice and one made from fear, accepting mediocrity is your first step to failure.  There is a quote that I like by James Caan that says “Observe the masses and do the opposite.”I like this quote so much is because to be successful and beat mediocrity you must do what others are not doing.  Before you can do the opposite of the masses you must first recognize that if you do what has already been done you will end up where others have already been.

One very important thing I have learned is that it is difficult to be extraordinary if you are surrounded by people who have settled for being ordinary.  On the path to success you will realize who in your life will help and support you and who will hurt or derail you.  For me this has been a difficult process because I have realized that it isn’t always clear who is good or bad.  A person can be a good friend but still hinder you from achieving success because they lack the drive and ambition that you do.  The challenge is letting those you still care about know that you have to distance yourself in order to pursue your dreams.  Hopefully they will understand and if they don’t then they probably shouldn’t be such an important part of your life.

Lastly, I firmly believe that life has an unusual way of unveiling opportunities to those who seek them.  Stop wasting time and making excuses, face your fears of failure and go after what you really want.



  1. I love this post! You are extraordinary for sure. You are going to do great things, I don’t think this I know it! Much love, miss you.

    • Lacy you’re awesome! It’s great to feel the support and I know you are gonna do something amazing also, you’ve have way to many good ideas not too!

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