Posted by: docktohome | February 8, 2011

They DO Exist: The Perfect Renter

In mid August we rented a 3/2 home in Phoenix to a very nice couple.  Although the couple was forced to sell their house as a short sale, they were very upfront about their recent shortcoming and it was obvious these troubles were out of their control and they were otherwise fiscally responsible.  It didn’t take long for us to realize that we had chosen the perfect candidates and the recent plumbing catastrophe has further cemented that notion.

About two weeks ago the female tenant sent me a text message telling that there was water coming out of the floor drain in the laundry room located in the kitchen.  Initially I wasn’t too concerned but made sure to contact her to get more details so that if necessary I could arrange for a fix to be made.  The problem with the plumbing had caused the kitchen sink drain to clog up and back into the laundry room floor drain.  At this point you are just thankful that you renewed the home warranty policy…. Little did I know the home policy wouldn’t come close to fixing this repair.

After painstakingly going back and forth between the home warranty company, the plumber, and the tenants, we knew this was not just a quick fix.  The plumber suggested we contact the insurance company to minimize our personal cost of the repairs.  The insurance company sent out an adjuster to investigate the problem about a week ago and fortunately there was outside water damage which was necessary to be covered under our policy.

Unfortunately this means some serious repairs including cutting out drywall in the laundry closet as well as on the opposite side of the wall, removing the carpet in the living room, removing the countertop to access the cabinets, and finally cutting apart the cabinets to remove water damaged areas.

Meanwhile the tenants have been our eyes and ears through the repairs.  They have voluntarily taken pictures before and during all the work as well as sent texts giving me updates.  When asked if they needed to be put up somewhere else they simply said “we just imagine the house is getting remodeled, we are very easy going.”  Being an out of state owner and the property manager I know this would be significantly more stressful had the tenants not been so extremely understanding and I couldn’t feel better about the situation given the circumstances!!

I almost feel that we should send them a small gift, what do you think?



  1. Wow, that’s great! Sounds like they really are good tenants. A gift might be nice, like a restaurant gift card or another similar gesture.


    • A restaurant gift card is a great suggestion, thanks!

  2. I personally would feel obliged to set a side a portion of their rental income I had received as a going away gift upon their future leave and/or apply it to any sudden emergency they have at a time when they are in need… I’d say $100 value is fair considering the value of a good tenant is priceless beyond the positive cash flow they generate for you anyways.

    • Thanks for the comment Remrie. After this event we did give the tenants a big thanks and a check of about $120 dollars for their patience and understanding. This being our first rental property we were definitely spoiled to have such great tenants whom are wonderful to this day!

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