Posted by: docktohome | February 28, 2011

Will you be humble or extravagant?

I attended a real estate investment networking event this week and I always think it is interesting to observe the variety of people who attend such events.  After attending a number of similar gatherings I have definitely learned that you cannot judge a book by its cover.  The guy in the suit isn’t always a savvy investor and the other guy in jeans and a t-shirt isn’t necessarily a newbie joe-shmoe.  After leaving the event and processing my observations I questioned how different people aspire to have different persona’s of success.

There will always be the flashy millionaire who would rather blatantly expose his success through the clothes and accessories on his exterior, than leave a little to be desired through further engagement.  To each their own is my feeling.  If you have worked hard and reaped the rewards so what if you want to be a little flashy, you deserve it.  A person of simpler tastes might see this as a trait of arrogance and disagree with this show of conspicuous consumption.

Everybody is different so my question is: Once you become successful what type of millionaire are you going to be? Will you bear the success of your hard work openly with flashy material goods OR will you keep your riches slightly less obvious and enjoy your money privately ie. vacations or collectibles?

My response:

Although I am looking forward to being able to indulge in many luxuries, I think I would rather keep my riches more concealed.  I have always liked meeting individuals who appeared to be of less financial endowment and realizing after talking with them that they are overwhelmingly successful.



  1. Your on the right track – after reading “Good to Great” I’m convinced that truly great people have a strong sense of servant leadership – humble and generous. Stay the course you’re on and you wont regret it. Len

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