Posted by: docktohome | November 7, 2012

Going back to the map

Have you ever been driving towards a destination when suddenly, you look around and you realize, you aren’t where you thought you were going? Perhaps you were deep into some music or you just let your mind wander.  Maybe you took a wrong turn or just went too far.  Either way, you’re off track. It’s time to get going in the right direction.

When moving towards a goal it is important to constantly check your progress and refer back to your personal map.  Are you making the right turns?  Is this the right path for you?  Do you even have a map?? I wrote my first article on this blog in October 2010 and wrote consistently until August 2011.  Recently a friend asked me if I was still writing on here, I logged on to find that it had been over a year since my last post!  Time goes by so fast, faster than you can ever plan, if you don’t use it to work towards something important you just end up looking back wondering where it all went.

My original purpose of this blog was to write and share my thoughts on real estate including market trends, investment strategies, pros & cons, and personal experience.  As part of my plan to refocus and realign my goals I’ll strive to post weekly on not only these topics but also leadership and personal development.

In spite of neglecting my own blog I continue to read a few others regularly which have helped keep a positive goal seeking mindset.  They come highly recommended; links can be found below for your reference!



  1. I visited all three referenced sites. Good information. Makes me feel like there are voices out there. so often feeling unconnected, like out on a branch in the giant tree that is the internet. need to know there is so much more. connect me.

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