Posted by: docktohome | June 13, 2013

Mentors: Why You Need One

mentorIn late 2009 I first became interested in real estate as a path to financial freedom and wealth. Like many others I know, this interest was sparked after reading the highly recognized Robert Kiyosaki book, Rich Dad Poor Dad.

With virtually no existing resources I initially pursued this interest through reading informative books, mostly on the investment strategies. Shortly after, I participated in a Rich Dad Coaching program which furthered my knowledge but  was still very basic and only understood in theory rather than real life experience.

While living in Phoenix, Arizona in early 2010 I began actively seeking investor networking groups and meetings. It was at one of these meetings that I met my current mentor. Today my knowledge and experience in the field has increased in abundance,  this can almost be entirely attributed to the guidance from my mentor.

So what made my mentor such a critical factor in this growth and why should you seek someone just like him? Simple, he had already walked the path which I was beginning and could tell me where the potholes and shortcuts existed. I’ve come to realize the quickest route to success is the one that is the shortest and most efficient.  So why try and reinvent the wheel when someone has already done it?

Five Reasons You Need a Mentor

1. They can help you identify your long and short term goals

2. Their experience in the field provides you knowledge without the mistakes

3. Support from someone who knows what it’s like in the beginning

4. Applicable knowledge based on proven techniques

5. Continually motivation and inspiration


How to Find a Mentor

Now this can be tricky. Many successful individuals are also very busy and sometimes difficult to even get ahold of. Don’t let this discourage you.  Mentors can be found in unsuspecting places, occasionally only becoming evident to you once you have made the mental decision to proactively go after your goals. Here are a few suggestions for seeking a mentor:

– Surround yourself with like minded individuals or those who you believe to have gained success in either their personal or business life

– Get to know your potential mentor before you ask them for their guidance, express to them your plan and ease into the possibility of them offering their support

– Take advantage of online resources. Today there are many great blogs about personal development, business strategy, and how to lead a successful life. These resources are readily available and can have very rich content.

– Increase your awareness of people already existing in your life, likely you will find there is someone who you already know that can offer you more useful advise then you ever imagined.


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